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The Brush Guard

Brush Guard Cleaning Kit

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The complete clean & care system for your make-up brushes.

*Makeup Brush Not Included.

  • Organic Squeaky Clean Brush Shampoo
  • The Blotting Cloth
  • Washing Cup
  • Drying Cup
  • Clear Variety Pack of Brush Guards

The only kit you'll ever need to keep your brushes in tip top, brand new condition.

Bamboo blotting cloth doesn't damage or harm the gentle bristles of a makeup brush. 

Organic Brush Shampoo is hard to find but we would not accept anything less! No harmful ingredients whatsoever and leaves your makeup brush bristles soft and clean. This cleanser is so gentle and clean you can use it on your face!

Don't throw your old brushes away! Just give them one wash and dry with The Brush Guard and they will be back to brand new condition!


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