Our Story

The Brush Guard™ began with a problem - how to wash and dry makeup brushes while keeping their shape perfect and their bristles intact. Thats when three friends, a celebrity makeup artist, a lawyer and a mechanical engineer got together and over a few glasses of wine, The Brush Guard ™ was born!
Since 2010, The Brush Guard™ has created innovative methods in brush care and maintenance which are available in our popular patented line of products including: The Brush Guard™, The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit, and the Squeaky Clean Brush Shampoo™.
The Brush Guard™ is socially and environmentally responsible. We are proud to say that our patented Brush Guards are made right here in the USA out of eco-friendly, recycled material. We also have all our assembly done through The Arc, which provides jobs to people with disabilities at a fair living wage.
We believe that our products revolutionize brush care. We also believe in keeping our tools at their best. We are devoted to brush care and hygiene. We also believe that brush hygiene is the missing link in our skin care routine. Nobody should put clean makeup on clean skin with a dirty brush. We believe with proper care and cleansing, your brushes can last a lifetime!