What is The Brush Guard?

The Brush Guard is a stretchable, breathable sleeve that not only reshapes your brush back to it's original shape, but also extends the life of your brushes by allowing you to dry your brushes the correct way: bristle-side down. The Brush Guard also protects the vulnerable bristles during travel or storage! 

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How Does The Brush Guard Extend the Life of My Brushes?

The Brush Guard allows you to wash, dry and reshape your brushes properly : BRISTLE-SIDE DOWN. 

When laid flat or upwards to dry, water remains trapped in the barrel, loosening the glue, causing the bristles to shed and the brush to fall apart. With proper care your brushes can last a lifetime!

The Brush Guards not only extend the life of your brushes but after just one use brings the brush back to perfect shape! (Also great for travel and storage!) Your brushes are an investment, take care of them!

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